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The super budget supercars beyond stereotypes

Watch where your going poor person or my dad will sue you!

When driving the streets you always see cars that you instantly judge the driver as being an incompetent a-hole or making up for his shortcomings in his pants. I mean just writing that sentence automatically made me think of a M3 and lifted Dodge Ram driver. There are just too many instances that occur that are negative portrayals of the type of individual that is behind the wheel. It really sucks for the innocent because the M3 is a great car and an absolute blast to drive but as soon as I get in the car it disables my ability to use my turn signals other than replacing them with my middle finger. I also refuse to check my mirrors when changing lanes and prefer to draft off of drivers in front of me, all while on the phone with my coke dealer. Don’t even get me started with lifted Dodge Ram drivers, holy crap. So what we are going to look at is cars that when you see them driving by you don’t instantly think a prick is behind the wheel but a gear head. For instance, classic cars are always a winner in my book unless of course someone has done a botched job on the restoration. But for current vehicles that are available let’s take a look at some cars that rise above the rest.


Toyota GT-86/ Scion FR-S/ Subaru BR-Z – These are great entry level sports cars that offer great powertrains and the classic front-engine rear-wheel-drive setup. Since these are new there could be the potential for some D-bags to get their hands on them but will take several years before unpainted bodykit twerps can get their hands on them. 200hp – 34 mpg – 25k – RWD

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