ER W70 Is A Wannabe American Supercar With A Lot To Live Up To 234

The ER W70 Is A Wannabe American Supercar With A Lot To Live Up To

ER means Exotic Rides! For a shop specialized for car customizations that’s a cool name, but for a car manufacturer who wants to produce a supercar, that is a bit off, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the US based car shop, specialized for car customization, wants to take it a step further and make a supercar which will compete against the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB, or the McLaren 650S. These guys operate in Miami, Florida, and just by looking at the revealed render pictures, we aren’t quite sure that they succeeded.


The ER W70 is pictured as a supercar capable of some serious performance and while its looks might remind you of some Ferrari work (most notably on the LaFerrari), some other elements on the car talk a story of passion, technological expertise and top-notch performance. The aggressively styled front end dominated by large air intakes and garnished with Ferrari like lights is something the Chinese would do to make their cars resemble those from Europe. The Americans aren’t often like that (expect when it comes to the Lincoln Continental which looks a bit like the Bentley Flying Spur). Regardless, the designer of this nicely looking car dubbed the W70 is an Australian automotive designer David Williams. We tried to google him a bit, but aside from his FB page (with more than 13k likes) and a bit of info on the amateurish looking website, we couldn’t find anything spectacular. True, the renders he made already look stunning with the ER W70 being the most extravagant of them all.

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