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Most Anticipated 2020 Models Worth Waiting For

After going through most anticipated vehicles of 2018 and 2019 respectively, it’s time to look further into the future and do the same for 2020. We can’t say they’re worth waiting for, but best cars 2020 will bring are certainly worth the mention. More than that, actually. There are already a few potential market shakers scheduled for that model year. Whether they’re worth waiting for, that’s for you to decide. No one can really advise you to wait that long for a new model anyway. But that still shouldn’t stop us from thinking a few steps ahead. Following models are just that. Likely the most anticipated models for year 2020 and a window into automotive industry’s nearer future. Bear in mind that some of them might get rescheduled, while others – even though announced – might get discarded completely. That’s the price of predicting the future. You never know it for sure.

Porsche EV

Like I said; Tesla isn’t the only company with means and know how to produce and market quality electric vehicles. Germans are quickly becoming global leaders even in this segment, and Porsche seems to be preparing a real treat for us. Speculations about Porsche EV are anything but new. Stuttgart-based company is investing heavily in technology, production facilities and electric vehicle-building knowledgeable workforce alike, so Porsche EV sedan is something you can practically put in the bank.

First physical preview of future Porsche EV was Mission E concept unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. 600 horsepower, 310 all-electric miles and 0 to 60 acceleration in low 3 second range were its specs. One can only expect 2020 Porsche EV to build upon these figures and advance further – especially in range department. That’s the least one can expect from a car for which Porsche has built all-new facility in Weissach. This also means EV won’t share too many details with any other current Porsche vehicle. Apart from their timeless design, of course.

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